How to make reservations through the NAP reservation website1⃣

登録日: 2024/01/16

For Overseas Customers

In order to use the campground, you must register as a NAP member and make a reservation.
Please make a reservation after registering as a member.
A credit card is required to make a reservation, so please have your credit card ready at hand.


Click here to make a reservation with NAP

① 【Select the date of your stay and the plan you wish to use】
Select the date you plan to use by clicking the calendar mark.
For day camps, select the same date twice; for overnight camps, select the check-in and check-out dates.
After selecting the date, available plans will be displayed and you can proceed to make a reservation from your favorite plan.


② 【Confirmation of reservation details】
Enter the number of guests, check-in time, number of vehicles, and other options.
When you have completed all the necessary information, proceed to the "Customer Information Entry" page.


③/④【Customer information entry】
When entering customer information, since overseas addresses and phone numbers are not supported, enter the address and phone number of RECAMP Beppu Shidaka Lake.
Then enter the correct address and a contact number where you can be reached on the day of your stay in the "Questions and requests for the campsite" section.
Agree to the campground's confirmation, cancellation policy, and terms of use and proceed to the Customer Information Confirmation.


▽Address and phone number of RECAMP Beppu Shidaka Lake
Prefectures           : Oita
City ward             : beppu
Town/Village         : higashiyama
Street address      : 4380-1 
Telephone number : 0977-25-3601


Click here for NAP reservation method ⑤ - ⑧


How to register as a member of the NAP reservation site