How to make reservations through the NAP reservation website2⃣

登録日: 2024/01/16

For Overseas Customers

In order to use the campground, you must register as a NAP member and make a reservation.
Please make a reservation after registering as a member.
A credit card is required to make a reservation, so please have your credit card ready.


Click here to make a reservation for NAP

⑤【Customer information confirmation】
Please confirm that your information and reservation plan are correct.
If the information is correct, proceed to credit card payment.


⑥【Payment by credit card】
Enter the credit card number, expiration date, and security code.


⑦ 【Confirmation of purchase details】
If all details are correct, click the "Purchase" button.
Some credit card companies may require you to enter your ID and password.


⑧ 【Reservation result】
When the reservation number is displayed, your reservation is complete.
On the day of your visit, please arrive before the check-in time for each plan and check in at the administration building before enjoying your visit.

Click here for NAP reservation method ① - ④


How to register as a member of the NAP reservation site